Brought up in the Midlands, Yorkshire and Buxton, Derbyshire, Andrew Kerry-Bedell studied mechanical engineering at Salford University and went on to work in the oil industry. The eighties oil price crash made him change tack into marketing and, until the mid-nineties he worked with companies like Mars and McVitie’s, using his enthusiasm for life to take a bite out of the food business. Since 1998 he has been a consultant in digital marketing, new business strategy, website development and online writing for marine, telecoms, technology and manufacturing companies.

When he is not in the barn upcycling things out of wood, stone and metal, usually for under a tenner, his spare time is spent fettling Alfa Romeos, studying interesting new tech and playing squash. A frequent traveller, he has toured Europe extensively, with a love for skiing in France, food and architecture in Italy and almost everything in Croatia. His lifelong interest in classical buildings and heritage prompted him to qualify for an MSc in Building Conservation in 2010, with a dissertation on the use of mobiles, QR codes, NFC and AR for heritage interpretation. Read more here.

His favourite quote is from British science fiction writer, futurist and inventor of the concept of satellites Sir Arthur Charles Clarke CBE FRAS.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

He lives with his wife Susan and an assorted collection of companion animals on the south coast near Chichester. Pulse is his first novel.

  • Varied updates on his interests and business life can be found on his LinkedIn profile – click here