Reports & Links

Report Description Source Date / type Link
House of Commons Defence Committee – Developing threats: EMPs UK 2010 Click here
Space Weather Preparedness Strategy UK 2015 Click here
Geomagnetic storms – OECD report UK 2011 Click here
Extreme Space Weather: impacts on engineered systems infrastructure UK 2013 Click here
Impacts of space weather on aviation UK 2016 Click here
National Space Weather Strategy US 2015 Click here
National Space Weather Action Plan US 2015 Click here
National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies UK 2017 Click here
Space Weather and Rail: Findings and Outlook EU 2015 Click here
How could space weather impact financial services? EU 2015 Click here
Report on Space Weather impacts to finance UK 2016 Click here
The economic impact on the UK of a disruption to GNSS UK 2017 Click here
The Economic Impact of Space Weather: Where Do We Stand? UK 2017 Click here
Geomagnetic storms and their effects on the US power grid US 2010 Click here
Report on the ESA Space-Weather Socio-Economic Study US 2017 Click here
Electromagnetic pulse in popular culture Wikipedia Article Click here
House Republicans plan to protect the US from a solar flare Washington Examiner Article Click here
The Electromagnetic pulse in fiction Statemaster Article Click here
The EMP threat: fact, fiction, and response Space Review Article Click here
The US 2003 Northeast electricity blackout – Five Years Later US Article Click here
ElectroMagnetic Pulse or EMP Wikipedia Definition Click here
Geomagnetic Storm Wikipedia Definition Click here
Nuclear ElectroMagnetic Pulse or EMP Wikipedia Definition Click here
Solar flare Wikipedia Definition Click here
Solar storm of 1859 Wikipedia Definition Click here
Ground effects of space weather (British Geological Society) UK BGS Report Click here
Richard Carrington’s description of a solar flare 1859 to the RAS Google Report Click here
Helioviewer (SDO, SOHO, STEREO-A, TRACE, Yohkoh, Hionode, Proba 2) NASA Website Click here
Homeland security – critical infrastructure sectors US DHS Website Click here
Homeland Security – National Infrastructure Protection Plan US DHS Website Click here
List of the largest power stations in the US (Wikipedia entry) Wikipedia Website Click here