Pulse Novel - Out of the Sun







The light from the big solar flare was detected by the many observatories and satellites around the world studying the sun. But there was no indication of the sheer size of the massive solar electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and solar flare that came with the bright flash everyone saw. 16 hours later the biggest solar pulse ever recorded struck the Earth, with barely an hour’s warning from the single solar satellite in Earth orbit…

Solar storms are seen as sunspots and as solar flares, big arches of light and energy that twist far out from the Sun’s surface. A solar ‘pulse’ is a violent solar flare burst created by a solar superstorm. Every flare is different, but it can send massive bursts of energy out into space. Like on Earth, the Sun has its own weather and storms, but it’s far bigger, incredibly hot and has vast stores of energy. Really bad weather regularly occurs on the Sun, and when it happens it can have major impacts on the Earth.

And this novel is about what happens when all that energy from a big solar pulse heads for Earth…